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Specialist brokers for luxury yacht charter in the south of France and Mediterranean. Only the finest luxury yachts…all brand new and the very latest models, with state-of-the-art technology and first class professional crew.

Cruising aboard a private yacht affords the opportunity of exploring exciting new destinations amidst luxury, style, and total privacy. Aboard your own yacht you really can take each day as it comes…so relax and unwind, we have the perfect yacht charter to suit your budget and taste.

Yacht Rental in the Mediterranean

Our specialist yachting region is the French Riviera. France is the ideal Mediterranean location to start all yacht rentals…Nice international airport is only a few minutes from Antibes, Cannes, and Monaco; and St. Tropez is only an hour’s cruise down the coast. Book your yacht with AquaCruise today!

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  • Sailing the Abaco Islands, Bahamas

    With year round consistent temperatures, refreshing Atlantic breezes, and hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches, the Bahamas is a unique paradise on earth. The Abaco’s are an idyllic sailing paradise. The wind is generally plentiful, but the windward cays protect from Atlantic swells and ensure that you are always sailing on the lee side;…

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  • Sailing Yacht Charter vs. Motor Yacht Charter

    Simply put, some people are motor yacht charter people, while others are sailing yacht charter people, and rarely is someone both. In fact, an amicable rivalry exists between these two factions. Although there are plenty of distinct differences between the two, many crew have worked on both types of yachts and furthermore, the yacht industry has…

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  • Avoid the Winter Blues with a Yacht Charter in the BVI

    In the glorious French Riviera the ports are now nearly vacant, the beaches are eerily quiet and the restaurant owners are cleaning up after a busy summer.  Some 8,000 km away however, the sun still beats down, as indeed it has all year round, green shoots sprout and fish dance among the coral. The location…

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  • September’s Sensational Yacht Shows in the French Riviera

    September is always a strange month on the Cote d’Azur. The weather is still glorious and the sea particularly warm, but there is a feeling that summer is almost over and that winter is not far away. So, to beat any premature winter blues which might be lurking around in your head, there are two…

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  • Important Questions to Consider Before Booking a Yacht Charter

    At AquaCruise, leading providers of Mediterranean yacht charters, we know how important it is that you embark on the right vessel in exactly the right area to make your holiday a once in a lifetime experience. If you are booking a mega yacht charter for the first time, it can appear to be a slightly…

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  • Five Fantastic Beaches to Discover in Sardinia

    Undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for luxury yacht charter at this time of year is the island of Sardinia, situated in the Mediterranean Sea just below Corsica, from which many of our yacht charters begin. And whilst this island is Italian, it is actually closer to the African continent in terms of distance,…

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  • Five Incredible Yacht Toys for a Mediterranean Yacht Charter

    We all love spending time in the water, not least of all under the heat of the Mediterranean sun on a long summer day. So for our clients heading on a yacht charter in the Mediterranean this summer, we thought we would help you out with your research and show you which crazy water toys…

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  • Choosing Between a Yacht Rental in France and Italy

    It is fair to say that when heading off on luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean, many visitors opt for turning starboard along the French Riviera missing out on the Italian coastline altogether. Yet those who do venture in the other direction, choosing to experience a yacht charter in Italy over the more conventional French…

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  • The Best Place to Watch the Monaco F1: a Luxury Charter Yacht

    There are just six weeks to go until arguably the most popular race on the Formula 1 Circuit takes place in the heart of Monaco and in view of some of our most luxurious yachts for charter. There will be four days of racing, beginning on the 22nd May, but the main event, the electrifying…

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