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Specialist brokers for luxury yacht charter in the south of France and Mediterranean. Only the finest luxury yachts…all brand new and the very latest models, with state-of-the-art technology and first class professional crew.

Cruising aboard a private yacht affords the opportunity of exploring exciting new destinations amidst luxury, style, and total privacy. Aboard your own yacht you really can take each day as it comes…so relax and unwind, we have the perfect yacht charter to suit your budget and taste.

Yacht Rental in the Mediterranean

Our specialist yachting region is the French Riviera. France is the ideal Mediterranean location to start all yacht rentals…Nice international airport is only a few minutes from Antibes, Cannes, and Monaco; and St. Tropez is only an hour’s cruise down the coast. Book your yacht with AquaCruise today!

AquaCruise offers Yacht Rental and Luxury Yacht Charter Experiences

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  • Exploring Guadeloupe by Yacht

    With the heating turned up and the curtains closed tight against the driving rain, thoughts can easily turn to escaping it all and soaking up the sun on some island paradise. With sun drenched beaches, turquoise sea and an abundance of marine life to discover, the Caribbean has it all. We decided to explore the…

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  • Yachting in Antigua continued…..

    Raising the anchor at English Harbour, we took the short trip round to Falmouth Harbour and once again anchored, this time just off Pigeon Beach. The water was amazingly clear, and we enjoyed snorkeling off the boat, spotting many turtles. We took the dingy ashore and had an amazing lunch at Catherine’s Café Plage. Relaxing…

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  • Yachting in Antigua

    As the nights are drawing in and temperatures drop, thoughts of swaying palm trees, turquoise seas and a cocktail in hand can seem like a distant dream. But with daily direct flights from the UK, those dreams could easily become a reality. With a flight time of less than 8 hours, and with only a…

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  • Indulging in a Brokers Lunch

    Broker Lunch Aboard Gladius After a busy morning of looking around yachts I was looking forward to putting my feet up and enjoying the broker lunch we had been invited to aboard Gladius, a 127 feet motor yacht. Built in 2007, by Italian designers Cantieri di Pisa, she is in immaculate condition having just undergone…

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  • Attending the Antigua Yacht Charter Meeting 2017

    It has been a fantastic day at the Antigua Yacht Charter Meeting and I have enjoyed looking around many yachts, as well as enjoying a broker lunch. Being able to have a personal tour of the yachts has been great as I can fully appreciate any refits that have recently taken place, as well as…

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  • 56th Annual Antigua Yacht Charter Meeting

    With the 56th Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting due to commence on Monday 4th December, the excitement is already building. Nelson’s Dockyard, Falmouth Harbour, and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina are already full to bursting with mindboggling super and mega yachts. When asking what the difference was between the two, I was told it was…

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  • Yachting Hurricane Aftermath

    Did you ever wondered what happened to all those yachts that were shockingly plastered across the news back in September; those having met the ill fate of either Hurricane Irma or Maria? Boats that were capsized, overturned, and stacked haphazardly on top of one another. Well, visiting North Sound Marina in Antigua, I stumbled across…

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  • Sailing the Abaco Islands, Bahamas

    With year round consistent temperatures, refreshing Atlantic breezes, and hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches, the Bahamas is a unique paradise on earth. The Abaco’s are an idyllic sailing paradise. The wind is generally plentiful, but the windward cays protect from Atlantic swells and ensure that you are always sailing on the lee side;…

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  • Sailing Yacht Charter vs. Motor Yacht Charter

    Simply put, some people are motor yacht charter people, while others are sailing yacht charter people, and rarely is someone both. In fact, an amicable rivalry exists between these two factions. Although there are plenty of distinct differences between the two, many crew have worked on both types of yachts and furthermore, the yacht industry has…

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