October 5, 2018

Changing your Yacht Charter from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary


The Mediterranean and Caribbean have remained the top destinations when chartering a private superyacht. With gorgeous sandy beaches, glistening turquoise seas, and the glitz and glamour of destinations such as St Tropez and Monaco, there can seem little point of travelling further afield.

However, the thought of embarking on an adventure, to explore and discover some of the last unspoilt places in the world within the luxury and comfort of your own private yacht is becoming more appealing. The South Pacific has for this very reason has started to grow in popularity, as the desire to experience the beauty and culture of such diverse and unspoilt locations grows. Such a yachtcharter would certainly bring a fresh and fascinating conversation to the next dinner party, or social gathering.

pacific beach

The best time to charter a yacht in the south Pacific is between May and October, where perfect weather is almost guaranteed.

The Solomon Islands is best visited between July and September to get the ideal weather. With 6 major islands and around 900 smaller islands that make up this exquisite destination, you can be guaranteed to find your own private island to relax and play at being Robinson Crusoe. Alternatively, have can have your attentive crew set up all the luxury and comforts ashore and create your own private beach club! With white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and dense jungle, the Solomon Islands provide an awe-inspiring landscape for diving, trekking and indulging in your favourite water sports.


Be spoilt for choice with numerous beautiful islands to explore in the Solomon Islands

Papua New Guinea is also best visited between July and September to get the optimum weather conditions. It is located in the southwestern Pacific and encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands, and is renowned for its vast cultural and biological diversity. It has stunning beaches, amazing coral reefs, and exceptional hiking trails, such as the Kokoda Trail, through the dense, untouched jungle. With over 700 traditional tribal villages, each having their own indigenous language and cultural tradition, you are sure to stumble across one as you explore this unspoilt and raw landscape.


A traditional tribe in Papua New Guinea

The Great Barrier Reef has a slightly longer weather window of ideal cruising time, between May and October. As one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, chartering your own private superyacht will ensure that you aren’t on the well-trodden tourist path, but can find your own piece of paradise to explore in luxury. Well-known for being one of the best places to dive and snorkel in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is an underwater paradise.  As the largest reef in the world, it contains a wealth of marine life, and encompasses over 3,00 individual reef systems and coral cays. With hundreds of stunning tropical islands with some of the world’s most spectacular golden beaches, this magnificent location is breath-taking and a reminder of the natural beauty that can still be found in this over-burdened world.


Crystal clear waters with an abundance of marine life

Kimberly, is located in the far north-west of Australia, and is one of the most unspoilt and scarcely populated areas in the world. It is best visited between May and September, and is a haven of turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, waterfalls, pristine waterways, and sandstones gorges that make-up this stunning landscape. There is an abundance of wildlife to admire while you cruise along this beautiful coastline, including whales, a variety of birdlife, as well as prehistoric marine life. Kimberly is a foodies paradise, with gourmet restaurants and a fabulous wine industry to indulge the taste buds.


One of the stunning waterways in Kimberly

The south Pacific is a vast area and I have just touched on a few yacht charter destinations that may be of interest. We can provide a more in-depth itinerary should you require, as well as other locations that may be of interest. With so many things to consider when deciding to charter a yacht, let us as experienced yacht brokers help you on the journey. We can advise you on possible destinations, the choice of superyachts available, and the costs that are involved. We have in-depth knowledge of many yachts to ensure that you charter the one that best meets your needs. Should that be number of cabins, the size of the boat, facilities and amenities onboard, as well as the number of crew. This is to ensure that you have the perfect charter experience to match the perfect location.

Here are two examples of superyachts that are available to charter in this location. Akiko is an 112 ft yacht that can accommodate 10 guests in her 5 cabin. With 6 crew you can be assured that your every need will be met.


Superyacht Akiko

Belgua is another option and is a 114ft. She has the advantage of accomodating 12 guests in her 5 cabins, and also has a crew of 6.


Superyacht Beluga

Catch my next blog where I will be looking at these two yachts in more detail.

By Laura Barber