56th Annual Antigua Yacht Charter Meeting

With the 56th Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting due to commence on Monday 4th December, the excitement is already building. Nelson’s Dockyard, Falmouth Harbour, and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina are already full to bursting with mindboggling super and mega yachts. When asking what the difference was between the two, I was told it was down to the number of zeros involved!

The yachts range from 54 feet, right up to 295 feet, so there will be plenty of yachts for us charter brokers to peruse, and a great opportunity to meet the captain and crew aboard. Being able to inspect these yachts personally, provides us with the valuable information that can be essential in ensuring that we are providing our clients with the right yacht. Having the chance to meet the captain and crew working aboard these yachts gives us the opportunity, as charter brokers, to forge relationships that can help enable a positive working relationship and a successful charter, and of course a good captain and crew is what makes a charter.

No doubt the chefs aboard these yachts who have entered the Chefs Culinary Contest are busy planning and practicing their menus for next week. Tuesday will see yachts that are over 160ft being judged, Wednesday yachts 126ft to 159ft and Thursday those that are under 125ft. The criteria is to create a Caribbean Sunday Brunch and baked goods basket that they would serve to their charter guests, with a menu that would be suitable for both adults and children. This is an opportunity for the chefs to demonstrate their skill and diversity in being able to use Caribbean ingredients to create a menu that includes both sweet, savory, and baked goods options. With only a helper to assist in the plating and serving of these dishes, the chef must do all the food preparation. They must also consider the most favorable place to serve their brunch, whether it be on the sundeck, the aft deck, the dining room, or saloon, and whether to present it buffet style or plated up. There is much to consider, so the competition is bound to be fierce, and with such an array of talent encompassed in these super and mega yachts, I doubt any judge will go home hungry. Friday at 5.30pm will see the winner and 2 runner ups announced at the Admirals’ Inn, Nelson’s Dockyard.

The pressure is not just being put on the chefs, as there is also a competition for the steward/stewardess. Their criteria is to choose a table style of decoration that shows the colours and diversity of the Caribbean Sea. They will be marked on originality and creativity, the style going with the theme, and the suitability to their chef’s menu. There will be one winner announced in each of the three yacht size categories and the winners will be announced alongside the chefs at the Admirals Inn.

So, an exciting number of events taking place next week. With yachts to view, and scheduled talk on subjects ranging from charter itineraries, to post-hurricane updates, it is going to be a busy week!

Falmouth Harbour

By Laura Barber

Posted on December 3, 2017