Attending the Antigua Yacht Charter Meeting 2017

It has been a fantastic day at the Antigua Yacht Charter Meeting and I have enjoyed looking around many yachts, as well as enjoying a broker lunch. Being able to have a personal tour of the yachts has been great as I can fully appreciate any refits that have recently taken place, as well as view the equipment and facilities that they have to offer. As a broker, it gives me invaluable information that enables me to match the right boat to the client, as well as first-hand knowledge when answering any questions that the client may have. It been wonderful to be able to put a face to the captain, crew, and other brokers, as well as being able to have a chat and get to know one another better, as usually these relationships are formed via email. All these factors contribute to us being able to make every charter that bit more successful.



Having a wander round the three marinas, Antigua Yacht Club Marina, Falmouth Harbour Marina, and Nelson’s Dockyard Marina, it is amazing to see the selection of unique yachts on offer for charter.

A snap shot of a few…

Quite essential

The yacht ‘Quite essential’, note the waterfall on the lower aft deck, is a 180 feet motor yacht.


The garage facilities on Sovereign, a 180 feet motor yacht, are just amazing, helping to accommodate the various toys that are expected on such yachts, as well as providing a place to relax by the sea.


A more unusual multihull design, yacht Adastra, measuring 140 feet.


A more traditional style sailing yacht, Eleonora, measuring 163 feet.


With such a diverse range of yachts on offer for charter there is one to meet even the most discerning of clients.

Join me for lunch aboard Gladius, a 127 feet motor yacht, on my next blog.


By Laura Barber


Posted on December 8, 2017