Caribbean Yacht Charters

A luxury Caribbean yacht charter itinerary mapWhat the Med is to seeing and being seen, the Caribbean Islands are to relaxing, lying back and taking it easy. Caribbean yacht charters are the ideal escape when you really want to do as little as possible – even the winds move at a more gentle pace! If you dream of deserted islands, white sands and funky beach bars with names like the Soggy Dollar or Bomba’s Shack, then a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean is perfect for you.

When you arrive in the Caribbean you are greeted by a sweetness of smell and the breezes of the cooling trade winds. Its tropical climate delivers constant sunshine and an idyllic 80°F. The islands of the Caribbean are places of great cultural and geographical variety…from sparkling white sand, clear turquoise sea, and shimmering coconut palms; to pristine rainforests canopys, coastal swaps, and coral reefs.

Whether you are looking to charter a mega yacht to island hop across the Caribbean (with the crew sailing at night and you & your guests exploring during the day)… Or if you prefer a smaller luxury sailing yacht to pass away the days at anchor in a quiet secluded bay, then AquaCruise has the perfect Caribbean yacht charter for you.