Leeward Islands

Leeward Islands Luxury Charter - Itinerary MapDay 1: Board your yacht in Martinique, spending the first night in port. A mountainous island famous for its exotic flowers Martinique is truly ”a little bit of France in the Caribbean.” It exudes a distinctly French ambiance in the excellence of its cuisine, the style of its population and the beauty of its language. The capital city of Fort-de-France, built like an amphitheatre around the yacht-filled harbour, is backed by luxuriant mountains and is one of the most memorable, picturesque settings in the Caribbean. There are about a dozen good little night spots in Fort-de-France that fill the night with pulsating Zouk rhythms or soft jazz. In the larger Martinique hotels, there are piano bars and late night discos, especially in the Pointe-du-Bout resort area.

Day 2: Martinique – Marie-Galante (80nm – 6 hours).  Anchor overnight. Chance to unwind and relax, this enchanting island has long been the best-kept secret in the Caribbean. Located about 18 miles south of Guadeloupe, fortunate visitors to Marie-Galante will discover rolling green hills, turquoise lagoons, picturesque villages and magnificent beaches. The magic of the true Caribbean awaits within its circular coastline. The white sand beaches of Marie-Galante are considered to be among the most beautiful in the entire Caribbean. But they are only the beginning of the island’s wonders. Visitors will feel they have moved back in time to an era of charming architecture, nineteenth century windmills and colourful markets.

Day 3: Marie-Galante – Guadeloupe (18nm – 1 ½  hours). Like Martinique, this is a real piece of the south of France, combining beautiful coastlines and crystal clear water with vibrant night-life. Guadeloupe has nightspots galore, discos and nightclubs in the larger hotels, and a variety of piano and jazz bars at the Bas du Fort Marina. Some hotels offer dinner dancing and performances by folkloric troupes. The hot dance music is continues to be Le Zouk, performed regularly by many local groups. Some of the most popular dance clubs for locals are in or near Gosier. There are two casinos on Guadeloupe, one in Gosier and the other in St. François, open till 4 am. They offer blackjack and American roulette, casual dress.

Day 4: Guadeloupe – Antigua (80nm – 6 hours). In port at Antigua Yacht Club, Falmouth overnight. Antigua offers the perfect blend of beauty, untouched beaches, and a choice of good restaurants and varied and vibrant night life. From St. Johns to Jolly Harbour to Nelson’s dockyard to Dickenson’s bay there is enough here for a week’s holiday.

Day 5: Antigua. Another night in Antigua, perhaps move the yacht round to Jolly harbour; or St. Johns for a late night at the casino…

St. Barts Luxury Yacht Charter

Day 6: Antigua – St. Barts (80nm – 6 hours). Spend the afternoon and following day in gorgeous St Barts, playground of the rich and famous and home to some pristine beaches, gourmet restaurants and some great clothes shopping. Amongst the islands celebrated resorts, Anse des Flamands offers a lovely beach and a superb restaurant for lunch ashore and horseback riding is also available. St Barts is also a great location for scuba diving and snorkelling and amongst the bountiful marine-life you can spot nurse sharks, lobsters and conch. Chance to unwind from the nightlife, as everything closes by midnight in St. Barts.

Day 7: St. Barts – St. Martin (14nm – 1 hour). Spend the day in St. Barts and take a short late afternoon cruise to St. Martin, ready for the most vibrate night in the Caribbean! This island has a rather cosmopolitan nightlife and contains the densest concentration of restaurants in the Caribbean, each with its own bar. Dance clubs are often indoor/outdoor affairs. Casinos abound on the Dutch side. Many of the large hotels on both sides of St. Martin / St. Maarten offer music and dancing as well as weekly island shows with Caribbean music and local performers. There are discos and clubs on the Dutch side in Philipsburg and Simpson Bay, with dancing into the early morning hours; comedy clubs or an evening movie are also alternatives. In French St. Martin, the most popular after-dark pastime is leisurely dining. However, some restaurants also offer live shows (jazz, reggae, pop soloists, dance revues) and have busy bars open till late.