November 7, 2018

South Pacific Superyacht Charter

Chartering a yacht in the south Pacific is becoming increasingly popular as people strive to find unspoilt destinations which are becoming scarcer. When chartering your own private yacht, you have the benefit to create a personal itinerary that ensures that you visit the all the places that you want to.

sp beach 2

Choosing which yacht to charter can be a daunting prospect but with the expert advice from an experienced yacht broker, you can be assured of not only chartering the yacht that best meets your requirements in the location that you have chosen, but also that the itinerary is perfect. The south Pacific is a vast area and depending on your budget and the time you have available, we will help to narrow down your options making your final decisions that much easier.

Akiko and Beluga are two similar sized yachts but with slightly different budgets. We’ll be looking at both in more detail to see what each one has to offer.

Beluga is a 114ft blue water cruising expedition motor yacht and was built in 2006, with a refit in 2011. She can accommodate up to 12 guests in her five cabins. There is 1 master suite, 2 double cabins, 2 twin cabins and 2 pullman beds. She can carry up to 6 crew to ensure that your every need is met, and that you have an enjoyable and relaxing yacht charter experience.


Beluga makes a striking sight at anchor

Beluga cruises at 10 knots, with a maximum speed of 13.5 knots. With an impressive range of 4.500NM, you will have the ability to cover large distances in comfort as Beluga has the added benefit of stabilizers.



Take in the spectacular scenery as you cruise along from this fabulous crow’s nest

Chartering your own private yacht not only gives you the freedom to discover deserted beaches, unspoilt islands and hidden bays, but also gives you unlimited access to the beautiful warm turquoise sea. There is an impressive list of water toys and equipment on Beluga to keep guests entertained. With the 14ft, 60hp RIB you can water ski, wake board, or have a thrilling ride on one of the towable inflatables. To explore the coastline take one of the kayaks, paddle-boards, or even the and a waverunner. Or for those that enjoy fishing, take the 40 ft chase tender and catch something that the chef can serve up for dinner. There is also snorkeling equipment for those that prefer the more face to face approach to marine life!

Beluga is a PADI training centre, so friends and family can learn to dive and gain their PADI diving card. There are 14 scuba dive sets, a dive compressor (with Nitrox), so if diving is your passion, or something that you’ve always dreamed of doing, then Beluga offers you the perfect opportunity to fulfil this goal.

The interior and exterior of Beluga is luxurious and stylish, and offers plenty of space for guests to relax. There is even a  sundeck jacuzzi to enjoy  with your favourite cocktail as you cruise along. For those of you who like to stay in shape even while on holiday, you’ll be pleased to know that there is also a gym.

beluga interior

Stunning interior that oozes luxury and comfort

Beluga is available for charter at $75,000 USD a week plus expenses.

Akiko is an 112 ft tri-deck exhibition style motor cruiser built in 2007, with a refit in 2016. She has a cruising speed of 12 knots, a top speed of 13 knots and an impressive cruising range of 4300NM. With active roll stabilisers, you can be assured that your journey will be in the upmost of comfort. There are 5 cabins which can accommodate up to 10 guests, and include 1 master suite, 1 VIP, 1 double, 2 twin and 1 pullman. There are 6 crew to ensure that your yacht charter experience is one of complete relaxation and comfort.


Akiko underway makes an impressive sight

Akiko has a stunning interior of styled bamboo and wenge and white-washed oak, giving the yacht a light, airy and sophisticated finish. There are plenty of spaces to relax in as you cruise along, or unwind while at anchor. There is also a cinema, an outdoor gym, as well as a  Teppanyaki bar on the flybridge.

akiko interior

Akiko’s luxurious interior, refiited in 2016

As expected, Akiko has an array of water toys to keep guests entertained, as well as two tenders, 18ft and 33ft respectively. For those that like to explore the coastline and discover hidden bays, there is a kayak and paddleboard. There is a surf board to catch the waves, and two three-seater waverunners to ride the waves! Use the snorkelling equipment and disappear in the warm crystal-clear waters and encounter an array of tropical fish and amazing coral. For those that are qualified divers, then Akiko is fully kitted out with scuba gear and a compressor, for both adults and children. With equally stunning scenery below the water as above, you’ll struggle to decided where to spend most of your time!


akiko tenders 

Akiko with tenders

Akiko is especially kitted out for those with a passion for fishing. With both light and heavy game fishing equipment, spearfishing, and bait station with live bait wells.

Akiko charters out at $105,000 a week.

Beluga and Akiko are similar in many ways in relation to size, style, cruising range, number of crew and accommodation. It really comes down to your budget and personal preferences. For those with a real passion for fishing then Akiko has a lot more to offer, whereas those who have a dream for learning to dive, then Beluga would be the obvious choice as it has a PADI training centre. Akiko has had the benefit of a recent refit, making it fresher and more stylish, whereas Beluga can accommodate two more guests.

There is obviously a wider range of yachts that are available to charter in this region but having had a snap shot glance at Beluga and Akiko it can help you see what’s available on the market and the equipment and amenities that vary on each yacht for you to take into consideration.

Contact us for further details on any yachts or destinations that interest you in chartering a yacht in.

By Laura Barber


October 5, 2018

Changing your Yacht Charter from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary


The Mediterranean and Caribbean have remained the top destinations when chartering a private superyacht. With gorgeous sandy beaches, glistening turquoise seas, and the glitz and glamour of destinations such as St Tropez and Monaco, there can seem little point of travelling further afield.

However, the thought of embarking on an adventure, to explore and discover some of the last unspoilt places in the world within the luxury and comfort of your own private yacht is becoming more appealing. The South Pacific has for this very reason has started to grow in popularity, as the desire to experience the beauty and culture of such diverse and unspoilt locations grows. Such a yachtcharter would certainly bring a fresh and fascinating conversation to the next dinner party, or social gathering.

pacific beach

The best time to charter a yacht in the south Pacific is between May and October, where perfect weather is almost guaranteed.

The Solomon Islands is best visited between July and September to get the ideal weather. With 6 major islands and around 900 smaller islands that make up this exquisite destination, you can be guaranteed to find your own private island to relax and play at being Robinson Crusoe. Alternatively, have can have your attentive crew set up all the luxury and comforts ashore and create your own private beach club! With white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and dense jungle, the Solomon Islands provide an awe-inspiring landscape for diving, trekking and indulging in your favourite water sports.


Be spoilt for choice with numerous beautiful islands to explore in the Solomon Islands

Papua New Guinea is also best visited between July and September to get the optimum weather conditions. It is located in the southwestern Pacific and encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands, and is renowned for its vast cultural and biological diversity. It has stunning beaches, amazing coral reefs, and exceptional hiking trails, such as the Kokoda Trail, through the dense, untouched jungle. With over 700 traditional tribal villages, each having their own indigenous language and cultural tradition, you are sure to stumble across one as you explore this unspoilt and raw landscape.


A traditional tribe in Papua New Guinea

The Great Barrier Reef has a slightly longer weather window of ideal cruising time, between May and October. As one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, chartering your own private superyacht will ensure that you aren’t on the well-trodden tourist path, but can find your own piece of paradise to explore in luxury. Well-known for being one of the best places to dive and snorkel in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is an underwater paradise.  As the largest reef in the world, it contains a wealth of marine life, and encompasses over 3,00 individual reef systems and coral cays. With hundreds of stunning tropical islands with some of the world’s most spectacular golden beaches, this magnificent location is breath-taking and a reminder of the natural beauty that can still be found in this over-burdened world.


Crystal clear waters with an abundance of marine life

Kimberly, is located in the far north-west of Australia, and is one of the most unspoilt and scarcely populated areas in the world. It is best visited between May and September, and is a haven of turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, waterfalls, pristine waterways, and sandstones gorges that make-up this stunning landscape. There is an abundance of wildlife to admire while you cruise along this beautiful coastline, including whales, a variety of birdlife, as well as prehistoric marine life. Kimberly is a foodies paradise, with gourmet restaurants and a fabulous wine industry to indulge the taste buds.


One of the stunning waterways in Kimberly

The south Pacific is a vast area and I have just touched on a few yacht charter destinations that may be of interest. We can provide a more in-depth itinerary should you require, as well as other locations that may be of interest. With so many things to consider when deciding to charter a yacht, let us as experienced yacht brokers help you on the journey. We can advise you on possible destinations, the choice of superyachts available, and the costs that are involved. We have in-depth knowledge of many yachts to ensure that you charter the one that best meets your needs. Should that be number of cabins, the size of the boat, facilities and amenities onboard, as well as the number of crew. This is to ensure that you have the perfect charter experience to match the perfect location.

Here are two examples of superyachts that are available to charter in this location. Akiko is an 112 ft yacht that can accommodate 10 guests in her 5 cabin. With 6 crew you can be assured that your every need will be met.


Superyacht Akiko

Belgua is another option and is a 114ft. She has the advantage of accomodating 12 guests in her 5 cabins, and also has a crew of 6.


Superyacht Beluga

Catch my next blog where I will be looking at these two yachts in more detail.

By Laura Barber

September 6, 2018

Luxury Yacht Charter Itinerary for Corsica

With incredible beaches and breath-taking mountain scenery, Corsica never ceases to amaze. With both French and Italian flavours, fantastic cuisine, and a friendly atmosphere, this island will capture your heart. Corsica makes the perfect yacht charter destination, with remote and unspoiled corners that have barely been explored, and perfect to discover on your own private boat.


I have created a sample itinerary to include some of the most popular and beautiful places to visit on this amazing island.

Day 1- Ajaccio to Girolata

Board your luxury yacht at Ajacco, the capital of Corsica.  Famous for being the home town of Napolean Bonaperte, you can visit his ancestral home which is now a museum. With its pastel-toned houses, numerous cafes, and the trendy waterfront promenade, there is more than just a whiff of the Cote d’Azur.


Port of Ajaccio

Cruise up the west coast, and admire the many 16th century citadels that adorn the steep cliff tops, as well as the stunning multi-coloured cliffs that spill into the sea. As you approach the Gulf of Porto you will be mesmerised by the spectacular landscape. The remarkable Calanches at Piana, which are classified as a world-wide interest of UNESCO, are without doubt one of the most beautiful sites in Corsica. As you cruise past, its like you have entered a surreal world, with unusually shaped red figures, and weather-carved pink granite that make-up this unique seascape. With rocks dramatically suspended  at heights of over 300 metres, while others plummet spectacularly into the turquoise sea, it is a bizarre but beautifully captivating vista. Having your own private yacht is undoubtedly the perfect way of appreciating this breath-taking location.


Calanches, famous for their unusual rock formations

If you enjoy snorkeling, then this is the place to immerse yourself in the refreshing turquoise sea. The crystal clear water provides the perfect backdrop for you to enjoy the beautifully coloured fish, and the fascinating shaped coral that thrive in these pristine waters.

After a day of exploring this stunning landscape, head up to Girolata while sipping your favourite cocktail. With the sun setting, showing the unique red rock formations off at its best, it’s a perfect way to end the day.

sunset corsica

Calanches at sunset

Day 2- Girolate to Calvi

The village of Girolate is relatively inaccessible by land and the best way to explore this region is by boat. Falling within the Corsican Natural Park, it is the perfect chance to see the wildlife that has benefitted from this protected environment. With a wide range of sea birds, including cormorants, osprey and giant gulls, and established seal and dolphin colonies in the clear sea water, the landscape is simply stunning. Explore the spectacular coastline via tender, kayak or paddle board and be wowed by the strange rock formations, jagged inlets and caves that populate this beautiful location.


The beautiful village of Girolate

Enjoy a sumptuous lunch aboard your luxury yacht before lying back and enjoying the stunning coastline as you cruise onto the northeast coastal town of Calvi. Perched on a rocky headland, it overlooks a popular crescent shaped bay that stretches for over four miles. Calvi is a magnet for the super-rich yachtsman, who cruise down from Nice and Cannes to enjoy this fantastic location. It is certainly the place to see and be seen.


The spectacular Calvi

With a bustling port and marina, there are numerous waterfront cafes and restaurants to sit back, relax and take in the surroundings. To escape the lively atmosphere of the waterfront enjoy the glorious beaches, or stretch your legs and explore the imposing 15th century Genovese citadel tower that dominates the Calvi skyline.

cslvi port

The picturesque medieval town of Calvi

Wandering around the winding cobblestone streets and shops in the Citadel is a perfect way to spend an afternoon or quiet evening. If you are visiting in June, enjoy the jazz festival that is held in this area every year. The remains of the house that is rumoured to be the place where Christopher Columbus was born can be seen, as the original house was destroyed by Nelson’s troops in 1794. Today a statue stands on the site, commemorating the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ birthday. In fact, Nelson lost his right eye here in the same year during battle.


calvi restaurants

Marina restaurants in Calvi

The marina in Calvi is very pretty and has a large array of fantastic restaurants to choose from. Spend the evening ashore and enjoy a delicious meal appreciating the fabulous local cuisine, while soaking up the charming atmosphere.

Day 3 – Calvi to Bastia

Enjoy the passing scenery as you cruise north towards the pretty town of St Florent. Like many of the Corsican towns, St Florent has a Genoise citadel, with which the town grew around, and it provides stunning views across the gulf below. With the historic cathedral of Nebbio to explore, quaint shops to browse, cafes to relax in, and a charming port, St Florent is the perfect place to spend a pleasant morning.

st florent 2

As you round the peninsula of Cap Corse, make your way to Bastia, located on the north- east of the island. It is the second largest town in Corsica, and the principle port of the island, so there is much to see and do here. The old town is charming and is a great place to stretch your legs after an afternoon at sea. With plentiful restaurants, bars and shops lining the streets, it makes the perfect place to spend the evening.



Day 4- Bastia to Porto Vecchio

As you cruise down the east coast of Corsica on your luxury yacht, enjoy the stunning scenery as the crew ensure that your every need is met. Just south of Bastia it is possible to spot flamingos at the Etang de Biguglia, a wildlife reserve that is teeming with bird life. With dramatic cliff faces falling into the sea, gorgeous white sandy beaches, sparkling azures seas and the cooling breeze on your face, you won’t need reminding of why chartering your own private yacht is the perfect way to discover this beautiful island.

Explore the beautiful town of Porto Vecchio, with its network of narrow, meandering streets. Discover charming hidden restaurants in the hills with stunning views, and tucked away quaint boutiques, it really is a delightful town. The marina has a great atmosphere in the evenings, with a wide range of delicious restaurants to choose from.

porto vecchio

Porto Vecchio

Day 5 Porto Vecchio to Ile de Lavezzi

Southern Corsica boost some of the best beaches on the island, so a visit to Palombaggia Beach is a must. With crystal clear waters, golden sandy beaches you will feel like you’re in paradise.


The spectacular Palombaggia Beach

After a morning enjoying the beach head back to the yacht for a delicious lunch whilst cruising to the Lavezzi islands, which form an archipelago of granite rocks and boulders, with beautiful shell sand beaches and azure-coloured sea. Positioned between Corsica and Sardinia, they are the hidden gem of the Mediterranean. Ile Cavalo is the only inhabited island of the group and boosts a small port which can cater for boats up to 35m. Alternatively, you could anchor in one of the permitted areas overnight. Take the tender and explore these beautiful islands and find a secluded beaches away from the tourists that can become overwhelming from the day ferries.  These remote islands and crystal-clear waters are reminiscent of a Caribbean paradise, and with their abundant marine-life they make a great place for both snorkelling and scuba diving. With large grouper, rays, moray eels, red scorpion fish and barracudas to name but a few, you will be amazed at the copious marine life on offer that has thrived since given protective status in 1982.


Lavezzi islands

Day 6- Ile de Lavezzi – Bonifacio

After a refreshing morning swim, followed by a delicious breakfast in this idyllic location, take the short cruise back up towards Corsica and visit the ancient citadel town of Bonifacio. Perched on the edge of a rocky peninsular on the southern-most tip of the island, it is protected on three side by sheer limestone cliffs and sea, and seems to defy gravity. It is one of the most perfectly preserved medieval fortified towns in Europe, dating back to 824, and is definitely worth exploring, if only to enjoy the spectacular view over to Sardinia.


The impressive Bonifacio

The narrow streets, enormous fortifications and incredible views, make this place truly unique. The harbour area is bustling with fishing boats, cafes and bars, and provides the perfect place to soak up the ambience of this fabulous place. Enjoy your last evening dining at one of the many top restaurants that Bonifacio has to offer, admiring the view of the citadel that looks stunning when lit up at night.

bonifacio night 2

Bonifacio at night

Day 7- Bonifacio to Ajjacio

Before completing your circumnavigation of this fantastic island at Ajaccio, spend the day anchored off at one of the many sheltered coves that are located between these two places. Propriano has a stunning beach, and a bustling port should you want to go ashore for lunch. Alternatively, enjoy your last day aboard your luxury yacht and try out some of the water toys onboard. After spending the day unwinding, head back towards Ajaccio to disembark at a time that suits you, for your return flight home, ensuring that have a relaxed end to your incredible holiday.

propriano beach

One of the gorgeous beaches at Propriano 

When you charter your own private yacht you have the freedom to create your own itinerary. This ensures that you get to visit all the place you’ve always wanted to, and that you get to discover places off the beaten track. During peak season popular marinas can become booked up fast, so book your charter early to ensure that not only that you get the yacht that you want, but that you also get to be in port at the marinas that you decide. With so many fabulous yachts available to charter, contact your broker to begin planning your perfect luxury yacht charter.

By Laura Barber


August 7, 2018

Chartering a Yacht in St Martin continued….

Relaxing on the fore deck whilst at anchor at Anse Marcel , we were lucky enough to be entertained by the talented Mathis, a world Flyboard competitor.  Having thoroughly analysed the talent involved in being able to perform such skill, it was time to put our money where our mouths were and have a turn. Well, when I say we, I obviously mean my son and husband! With a quick 5 minutes tutorial they both did amazing well, hovering above the water, before repeatedly dolphin diving below the waves.

Alex Flyboard

Exhausted, but exhilarated after 20 minutes, we all had renewed respect for the talent that the man possessed. With the wind picking up after a relaxing lunch BBQ aboard our yacht, the windsurfer was launched and an afternoon of crossing the bay commenced.

jet skiing

The following morning, we indulged with the locals on a spot of jet skiing. After a thrilling morning of riding the waves and exploring the coastline, we practiced our skills at water skiing and mono skiing. The morning wouldn’t have been completed without a white knuckled ride on the Screamer. I was really looking forward to exploring the island of Tintamarre, so we headed there so we could enjoy lunch at anchor.  With a reputation of golden sands, turquoise sea and excellent snorkelling it was my idea of heaven. We were not disappointed as we anchored in our own little bit of paradise. Swimming ashore from the boat we were greeted by an idyllic beach scene and wandered inland to be greeted by a variety of cactus species and views of the other side of the island.  The sea was clear and plentiful of reef fish, turtles, and rays.


Tintamarre Beach

puffer fish

Puffer Fish

The next morning, we continued round and stopped at the capital of Sint Maartin, Philisburg, in Great Bay. This is a popular destination for cruise ships and we were fortunate that there were none in that day. Anchoring in the bay, we went ashore to explore, and found ourselves overwhelmed by a huge array of jewellery shops. St Maarten is well renowned for being able to purchase jewellery at fantastic prices, with goods being sold at duty free prices and the price of goods are highly negotiable. After an enjoyable beer at a beach front bar, we returned to our boat and continued round to Simpson Bay. Fortunately, the swing bridge was due to lift shortly, so we didn’t have long to wait. Simpson Bay Lagoon is about 12 square miles of completely protected, landlocked water, and accessed through a swing bridge. We chose to anchor, although there are many marinas to choose from, and spent the afternoon exploring via the dingy. There are numerous waterside restaurants, and of course the compulsory happy hour(s) to engage in. We found the Dutch side more built up than the French, with the area un-in dated by casinos, nightclubs and bars.

We decided to spend our last day at anchor in Marigot Bay, so we timed our departure with the lift opening times. Admiring the stunning coastline as we navigated our way round the island it wasn’t long before we’d dropped the anchor and enjoying our last few hours of tropical bliss aboard our boat.


The Screamer!

We found it very relaxing being able to travel around with all our belongings to hand. To lie on the fore deck and be lured by a stunning beach and simply being able to stop there if we so wished.  Our last day passed in a haze of sunbathing, snorkeling and water sports. With our bags packed, we made our way back to the port, relaxed, tanned and with memories of a wonderful holiday.

By Laura Barber

July 14, 2018

Chartering a Yacht in St Martin

With bags packed and our passports in hand, we were ready to set off for our winter escape to more sunnier climes. Heading across the Atlantic, our chosen destination was the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. Well, that’s if you’re on the French side, or Sint Maarten if you’re on the Dutch. Positioned in the northeast of the Caribbean Sea, is the smallest inhabited island that is divided between two nations.

mao st martin

It can be difficult to get a direct flight from the US, UK or Canada to St Martin, so spend a bit of time researching your flights to avoid long stopovers. You should be able to achieve a flight plan with only one short stop. If flying from the UK, you do have the option of taking a flight to Paris and then getting a direct flight from there. Alternatively, if you were chartering a yacht like we were, you could start your itinerary from a more convenient island.

We started our yacht charter from Marina Fort Louis, which is in Marigot Bay, on the French side. This is a well-positioned marina with plenty of amenities and we were able to clear customs at the marina office computer. We decided to explore our surroundings and found there to be plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars within walking distance.

Marina st louis

When picking up our croissants in the morning, we couldn’t resist visiting the gaily coloured market stalls that line the marina. It was a great place to buy gifts to take home to friends and family, and found that our negotiating skills made our money go much further! After a delicious lunch at one of the many marina restaurants, we wandered up to Fort St Louis. The views across the island are stunning, with Simpson Bay Lagoon on one side and the striking coastline continuing round to the north on the other. On your return to the marina, be prepared to be amazed at the beautiful iguanas that you will find sunning themselves on the rocks at the entrance to the marina, they are truly exquisite. An early evening walk of less than ten minutes led us to entrance of Port Royale, with further bars, and restaurants to choose from. We ate at the French restaurant, Le Galion, where they serve the most amazing thin crust pizzas, and the Creme Brulee’ to follow is a must. Delivered to our table, with compliments of the house, was a bottle of the locally produced banana rum, which was delicious. A fantastic ending to a delightful meal.

iguana st martin

Untying the following morning, with surprisingly clear heads, we headed to Grand Case. This is a protected bay and made a perfect spot for anchoring overnight. We prefer being at anchor, as it affords the opportunity of going for a swim whenever we want to, which is essential when trying to keep cool in this tropical climate. Ashore, is a bustling hub of shops, bars, and restaurants. There are several delightful art galleries and craft shops which sell locally produced talent. Choosing a restaurant that overlooked the bay, we enjoyed watching the sun set over the boat filled bay.


Snorkeling before breakfast is a great way to start the day and an excellent time to discover colourful marine life. After our refreshing start, we headed further north and anchored in the next bay, Anse Marcel. Enjoying a leisurely lunch ashore at one of the beach restaurant, we snoozed the afternoon off on one of their comfortable sunbeds before heading back to the boat to enjoy the sunset with a deliciously mixed cocktail.

Read my next blog to see where we travel to next…

By Laura Barber

June 26, 2018

Crewed Sailing Yachts For Charter Continued…

You can’t help but be captivated by the beauty and history of a yacht such as Eros. Launched in 1939, she is a 115 feet classic schooner. Recommissioned as a luxury sailing yacht in 2010 after a colossal renovation, and benefitting from a complete interior redecoration in 2016, Eros has managed to maintain her timeless splendour, without forgoing the comfort and pleasure necessary for the most discerning of guests.


Eros has a fascinating history, having been commandeered by the Royal British Navy during WW11, and then later sold to a Greek billionaire as his own private yacht. She was renamed Eros in honour of the Greek goddess of love and passion, and became a well-known fixture within the prestigious Mediterranean yachting scene. From celebrity guests to royalty, Eros has a captivating history.

Embarking, via the gangplank, you feel a frisson of excitement, as if you’re stepped aboard something truly special. Eros has been maintained to a high standard, and has a surprisingly spacious deck area, with plenty of comfortable areas to choose from when relaxing.

Guests are welcome to take a turn at the wheel, help hoist the sails, or just to lie back and watch the scenery pass by. Despite her age, Eros is more than capable of keeping pace with the lighter and newer yachts, reaching speeds of up to 12 knots, and is a popular choice for chartering during regattas and races.


We were given a tour of Eros by Erica, one of her crew, and were impressed by the space and luxury aboard. With original teak paneling in each air-conditioned room, they have managed to compliment and maintain her timeless style, without compromising on comfort. Eros comfortable sleeps up to nine guests in its four cabins.

Eros Cabin

Master Queen State Room

There are plenty of communal areas to enjoy, from the deck house to the dining salon, to the outdoor dining area and living salon, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The outdoor dining area is a particularly popular choice when eating, or enjoying a cocktail. With uninterrupted views, up to eight people can keep cool under the awning, while enjoying the delights created in the galley by the resident chef.

Eros outside dining

Outside dining

eros inside dining

Indoor dining

Although a classic sailing schooner, Eros is kited out with plenty of toys to keep everyone entertained. With a 90HP dingy, those who enjoy water ski -ing, wakeboarding, or being towed at high speed can indulge. Whereas, those that enjoy the more sedate water activities can make use of the kayak and paddleboards to explore the beautiful coastline. Alternatively, dive down and disappear into the beautiful sea for a snorkel, there really is something for everyone. Intimidated by the rigging and number of sails on Eros? Get the basics of sailing down to a tee and have a lesson on the optimist sailing dingy, before releasing your new-found skills on Eros!

eros dingy

Chartering a private yacht gives you the freedom to stop wherever takes your fancy but be reassured that the crew aboard Eros will be on hand to give their personal recommendations. If you want to explore ashore, then guests are given handheld VHF radios, so they can stay in contact with the crew for when they want to be picked up.

Based in Newport, Rhode Island in the summer and the British Virgin Islands in the winter, Eros offers an abundance of itineraries to suit everyone. With suggested charters to choose from, or customise your own, the knowledgeable crew will be on hand to offer you advice. Whether it be a romantic getaway, family fun, or thrill-seeking adventure, you can be sure that the crew aboard Eros will be with you every step of the way.

Eros is an impressive yacht, with style, history, and luxury. She caters for all generations and interests, and will certainly be one yacht that will be turning the heads in marinas and bays while on charter.

By Laura Barber


June 14, 2018

Crewed Sailing Yachts For Charter Continued….

Stepping aboard Twilight, the largest Oyster in the world, you cannot fail to be impressed. At 125 feet she is awe-inspiring. With a new paint job, soft furnishings, sun canopies, and walnut cupboard finishing throughout, no expense has been spared by the new owner in putting their own stamp on it. This enthusiastic owner is keen to keep this yacht up-to-date, and relishes feedback from guests on how he can further improve their charter experience.


Given a personal guided tour by the captain, Cathy, the sheer beauty of this yacht captivated us. The styling and attention to detail is second to none, simply stunning. Twilight can accommodate up to eight guests in her four luxurious en-suite cabins. The master cabin is impressive, spanning the full width of the yacht, and with a superb en-suite that has a large shower, toilet and his and her sinks, it seeps luxury. There are two double cabins, with queen beds which can be made into twins if requested, and a fourth cabin which offers two full singles. With each affording its own private bathroom you can be reassured that there won’t be a queue for the bathroom!

Twilight - Master cabin

The spectacular master suite

There are three choices of dining areas on Twilight, each that can accommodate up to 10 guests. From the more formal option of the air-conditioned saloon, to the more relaxed alfresco option on the aft cockpit. Or, why not enjoy the views from the flybridge while feasting on the delights from the galley, a feature which is unique to this yacht.

Aft deck twilight

Plenty of comfortable seating options available on the aft deck

We found all the crew to be friendly and welcoming, important attributes in the hospitality industry. Taking a sneak peek down into the galley, we were introduced to the chef, who was busy preparing lunch.

chefs twilight

The galley

Twilight has a 5.7 metre RIB with a 150HP inboard engine for getting ashore. It also provides the power for having fun, with water skis, a wake board, 3-person tow able doughnut available. For a more calmer water experience they have paddle boards, snorkel equipment and fishing gear

tendar twilight

T/T  Twilight

Twilight is an amazing sailing yacht, with a fantastic layout and luxurious finish, you can not help but feel overwhelmed. She is available for charter in the Mediterranean for the summer and the Caribbean in the winter.

Twilight - Swim deck

Twilight’s swim platform

Our final sailing yacht that we take a look at is Eros, a 1939 classic schooner. Catch up on my next blog where you’ll be captivated by this beautiful piece of history.

By Laura Barber


May 25, 2018

Crewed Sailing Yachts for Charter

There is a range of crewed sailing yachts on the charter market to suit all budgets, and I chose three very different ones to give you a personal insight into.

The Moody 54 DS, Mojeka, which was built in 2014, is the entry level of sailing boats to charter with crew.  This new design incorporates the saloon and galley being on the same level as the cockpit.


With skylights and windows allowing light to flood into the salon, and expansive side windows which create a 360-degree panoramic views, they have managed to combine the advantages of the catamaran design, into a monohull, but without compromising on the beauty and style of a sailing boat. With the saloon and galley now light and airy, the living space on this sailing yacht has been reinvented. Moody have created something truly unique. The cockpit area on a sailing boat, often the main socialising area, can often be cramped and uncomfortable, but I found this area on Mojeka to be spacious and comfortable. The yacht also benefits from having a large sun pad on the foredeck, with sunshade, to deliver an additional space to relax. The raised bulwark delivers a protected walkway around the boat, which also has the added benefit of both high and low-level hand rails, providing an extra level of safety and comfort when moving around the boat. This can be especially useful when travelling with children, or those less steady on their feet.


Daniel testing out the sun beds on the foredeck. Note the high bulwarks.

Stepping down below, Mojeka can accommodate 6 guests in 3 cabins. The master is spacious, has an en-suite, and has great views afforded by a delightful skylight that is positioned above the king size bed. The VIP cabin is roomy, also benefiting from an en-suite, and a further third double which shares the day head/shower. Crew quarters are located to the left as you come through the saloon doors. ensuring as much privacy as possible for guests on a boat this size.

So, has this new design compromised the sailing performance of this yacht? This is the question I posed to Tristan, Captain of Mojeka. He reassured me that the Moody 54 DS has lost none of its sailing performance. Whether you have the genoa out to power you along, or the gennaker to give you some speed in the lighter wind conditions, you are sure to not be disappointed by its sailing performance.


Mojeka cockpit

Large and comfortable cockpit area, leading into the saloon and galley which are on the same level.

Tristan and Logan seem to make a great team, complimenting each other with their skills and talent. I found them both to be friendly, enthusiastic, and welcoming, showing a real passion for the boat. I’m have every confidence that they would make every charter special. Logan is the chef, and will be sure to have your taste buds going with her culinary talents, creating menus to suit everyone’s taste and requirements. Those that are qualified to dive can burn off excess calories with her, as she has completed her Dive Master Qualification. There 6 scuba tanks, 3 regulators, 3 buoyancy compensators, and a compressor on board, as well as snorkeling equipment, so there really is no excuse for not exploring the beautiful seas of the Caribbean. With fishing equipment, a kayak, as well as paddle boards, there is enough to keep everyone entertained.

Discussing some of their past charters aboard, it was reassuring to hear the diversity of clients that they have catered for. They recently accommodated a family of three generations. Keeping such a diverse age group happy can sometimes be challenging, but Tristan and Logan said everyone had a brilliant time. With grandparents retiring to the fore deck for siesta, and the children finding a passion for sailing, everyone had a fantastic time. A great testament to Tristan and Logan, and their hospitality skills.

With Mojeka basing herself all year round in the Caribbean, she charters from between $13000-$18000, all in, she is great value for money.

By Laura Barber









May 15, 2018

Yacht Charter Itinerary for the French Riviera and Monaco

Nothing quite beats chartering your own luxury yacht especially when you are on the French Riviera. It is hardly surprising that it is still one of the top destinations when chartering, having lost none of its sophistication and charm over the years. With stunning coastline, picturesque fishing villages, chic boutiques, grand casinos, and of course the very best in gourmet cuisine, it has something to offer everyone. Chartering a private yacht provides the perfect base to explore this spectacular location, whilst avoiding the stress of the crowds.

french riviera

Just imagine lying back and relaxing on your own luxury yacht whilst enjoying the stunning scenery as you cruising along. When chartering a private yacht, you get to create your own personal itinerary. Maybe there are some special places that you would like to revisit, new locations that you have read of, or destinations that you have only dreamed about. With the help of your experienced yacht broker, you can be assured that you will have the perfect itinerary to make your yacht charter special.

cannes sunset

Cannes beach at sunset

As well as creating the ideal itinerary, it can become overwhelming when choosing a yachts that meets your  requirements. With budget, location, specified dates, as well as the number of guests to consider, you can leave it in the capable hands of your knowledgeable yacht broker to ensure that your charter arrangements are as seamless as possible.

I have created a sample itinerary of the French Riviera, and Monaco that has proven to be especially popular over the years.

Day 1- Nice to the Iles de Lerins

Embark on your luxury private yacht in Nice, and take a leisurely cruise to the IIes de Lerins. These two unspoiled islands off Cannes make the perfect place to start your charter, allowing you to unwind and relax in a wonderful and tranquil setting. Take a stroll across the picturesque islands, and sample some of the wines produced by the resident Cistercian monks. Whilst dining under the stars, enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by your own personal chef, and the realisation that you have finally got away from it all will become abundantly clear.

nice port

Embark at the port in Nice


Explore the beautiful island of Saint-Honorat

Day 2- Cannes to St Tropez Port

Cruise down to St Tropez and enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the French Riviera at its best. St Tropez manages to blend the charms of rustic Provence with the style of the Cote d’Azur. The town itself is enchanting, with winding medieval streets of traditional pastel-painted fishermen’s cottages, boutiques and restaurants, and a charming port with its old-fashioned fishing boats. Indulge in a day of shopping in the chic boutiques that line the quaint streets, before relaxing at one of the many cafes dotted about.

st tropez

St Tropez’s charming old port

Being in St Tropez is about seeing and being seen, as people flock to view the impressive yachts that line the quayside. With a vast selection of fantastic restaurants serving the finest cuisine, you’ll be spoilt for choice when dining out. A visit to the renowned Caves du Roy nightclub, will ensure that you will have a night to remember!


The famous Caves du Roy nightclub in St Tropez

Day 3-St Tropez Port to Pampelone Beach

After a night of glitz and glamour, anchor off at the nearby Pampelonne beach and enjoy a relaxing morning bathing contently beneath the summer-long sun. Alternatively, cool off and have some fun by indulging in the many water sports that your luxury yacht has on offer.

pampelonne beach

The stunning Pampelonne beach

Either option will leave you ready to go ashore for a long lunch at the famous Club Cinquante Cinq. Frequented by the rich and famous, this is the place to be. With a reputation of serving delicious haute cuisine, you can be assured of not being disappointed. Or, for the ultimate party destination, walk further along to Nikki Beach, where you’ll find trendy music, fashionable cocktails and stylishly bronzed bodies

le club 55 nikki beach

The stylish Nikki Beach

Day 4-Pampelonne Beach to the Porquerolles

Continuing west, delight in the gorgeous  island of the Porquerolles, and enjoy the sparkling azure water. This island is one of three that is collectively known as the Iles d’Hyeres, and boosts beautiful unspoiled beaches that have been protected from over development by its national park status.


One of the spectacular beaches at the Porquerolles

Leisurely meander around as you explore the island, as cars are few and far between, whilst inhaling the fresh scent of eucalyptus and pine. Visit the vineyards to sample some of their famous light Rose, or relax in one of the many restaurants and cafes. Take the opportunity to absorb this magical atmosphere of a by-gone era.

porquerolles 2

Cycling is a popular means of exploring the Porquerolles

Day 5- Porquerolles to Cannes

After savouring in the charm and delights of the Porquerolles, it’s time to head back towards the glamorous Cannes, where the red carpet awaits your arrival! Galas, regattas, and not forgetting the renowned Film Festival, Cannes lives up to its motto, “Life is a festival.” People-watching is a popular past-time, and the hotel -lined, La Croisette, provides a fine promenade. With gorgeous stretches of golden beaches, Cannes has much to offer.

la croistte

La Croisette, Cannes

Cannes has some of the chicest shops on the Riviera, so it’s the perfect place to indulge in a day of shopping at some of the worlds swankiest boutiques. Then dress to impress with one of your newly acquired outfits and hit the town to mingle with the stars


chanel, cannes

Designer shops and cars are plentiful in this stretch of the Riviera

Day 6- Cannes to Antibes to Cap Ferrat

After the glitz and glamour of Cannes, head towards Antibes which boosts an impressive but charming port.

port antibes

Port of Antibes

Spend the morning assaulting your senses with the colours and scents of Provence at Antibes market. Dazzling floral bouquets, glorious fresh fruit and vegetables, and locally produce delicacies. You will be overwhelmed by the choice which is laid out like a banquet fit for a king. The fragrance alone from the local meats and cheeses are enough to make your mouth water.

antibes market

An olive stand at Antibes Provence Market

Picasso once lived and worked in Antibes, and his magnificent ceramics collection can be viewed at his former home, Chateau Grimaldi. When looking around, you can only begin to imagine how inspired he found his stunning surroundings.


Museum of Picasso

After a busy morning exploring the delights of Provence, cruise on down to the magnificent Hotel du Cap-Eden- Rock for a fabulous lunch and views over the Cap D’Antibes. This legendary hotel has a illustrious past, and is a favourite for the more discerning of guests. Reminiscent of a country cub and boosting all the facilities, this is certainly somewhere you could while away the afternoon.

eden rock

Cool down with a dip in the sparkling azure sea, or the stunning infinity pool at the Hotel du Cap

On the return to your yacht, take an early evening cruise to the delightful Villefranch-sur-mer, to spend the night at anchor.


A view overlooking the delightful Villefranche

 Day 7  Villefrance to Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat to Eze

Admire the amazing scenery while enjoying a leisurely breakfast aboard your yacht, before hopping ashore to explore Villefranche,  a picturesque Medieval beach village. Previously a fishing village, it has retained its charm, with pastel coloured buildings and narrow streets, along with gorgeous stretches of sandy beaches. With terrace cafes and restaurants lining the streets, it is a popular stop off for passing yachts.

villefranche cafes

The picturesque Villefranche

After enjoying a tasty lunch ashore, cruise down to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The quiet peninsula of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat remains what locals call the last gem of the Côte d’Azur. The peninsula is part of the Pelagos Sanctuary for Mediterranean Marine Mammals, a protected area jointly managed by France, Monaco and Italy, making it a prime spot for diving and whale and dolphin watching. On land, strict architectural guidelines have spared this pristine maritime village from overdevelopment common on the French Riviera.

cap ferrat

The gorgeous Saint- Jean-Cap-Ferrat

After an relaxing afternoon aboard your yacht, take a short cruise onto Eze, and indulge in a sumptuous dinner at the well-known Chateau de la Chevre. This two Michelin starred gourmet restaurant,  has the renowed Arnaud Faye at the helm, and has a remarkable reputation. With stunning views, beautiful flowers and characterful winding streets, this place has a real sense of history and charm.



Day 8 -Eze to Monaco

Cruising on to the stylish Monaco, to take in the glitz and glamour. This small principality has been ruled by the Grimaldi family since 1297, when Francois Grimaldi seized the fortress in the dead of night disguised as a monk.


Stunning views down to Monaco

Anchor off the famous Monte-Carlo Beach for a day of water sports under the sun, and indulge in one of the excellent restaurants this luxury resort has to offer.

montecarlo besch

The stylish Monte-Carlo Beach

After spending the day unwinding on your yacht, try your luck at the world renowned Monte-Carlo Casino. The idea of developing a gambling casino in Monaco dates back to the 18th century, and it was hoped that the revenue from the venture would save the House of Grimaldi from bankruptcy. Over the years the it has grown into the successful casino that we now know as the Monte-Carlo Casino. Over the years Monaco has established itself a firm economy based on high end gambling and first class tourism, and is one of the primary sources of income for the House of Grimaldi, as well as the Monaco economy.

You can’t think of Monaco without the thought of the Grand Prix springing to mind. If this is something that you have always dreamed of spectating from the sidelines, then time your yacht charter for the month of May, and enjoy viewing the race from the comfort of your own luxury yacht. The sights, sounds and electric atmosphere created at this event is incredible.

grand prix

Fantastic viewing point from your yacht as the cars race past

Day 9- Monaco

Monaco has more to offer than just gambling and the Grand Prix. Enjoy the spectacular views as you explore this small principality . Visit the Palace and be wowed by the stunning architecture, or stroll around the exotic gardens and take pleasure in the spectacular and fragrant blooms. The Oceanographic Museum is also well worth a visit.

exotic garden

Enjoy the exotic gardens as well as the stunning views

With all the glamour that Monaco has to offer, make time to indulge in the various stylish designer boutiques that line the pavements. And with time for a final lunch at one of its many trendy restaurants overlooking the port, before taking a helicopter to the airport for your return trip home.

The French Riviera and Monaco. are just two of the many places were you can charter your own luxury motor yacht. If you are restricted by specific dates, make sure  that you book early to guarantee the perfect yacht for your holiday. Remember, you can create you own personal itinerary, so make sure that you stop and see all the destinations that you have ever dreamed of visiting.

By Laura Barber


May 5, 2018

Chartering A Motor Yacht In The Mediterranean

With cruising becoming increasingly popular, the concept of exploring ‘unspoilt and hidden gems’ has changed. The ships that now resemble small skyscrapers, line the ports alongside half a dozen other similar sized ships, and passengers now find themselves disembarking alongside the population of a small town.

By chartering your own private yacht, you can return to the days where cruising was about discovering new destinations and getting away from it all. You get to create your own personal itinerary, as well as having the flexibility to amend the route if a specific place takes your fancy. If you happen to pass by an idyllic beach, a picturesque bay, or charming port, then ask the captain to drop the anchor. The captain and crew are there to ensure that you have the perfect charter experience.

There are an abundant of yachts that are available for charter, and as yacht brokers it is our job to find the one that meets your exact requirements. The newly launched Willow, a 42metre Benetti superyacht, is certain to be a popular choice, and is based in the Mediterranean this summer. With a range of 1,250nm, a cruising speed of 17 knots, and a top speed of 22 knots, she offers an opportunity to cover a wide cruising area for your charter.


Willow under way

Willow can accommodate up to ten guests in her five luxurious cabins. With a master suite, a VIP stateroom, one double cabin, as well as two twin cabins, you can reassured that there will plenty of room for everyone. With her impressive accommodation, leisure, and entertainment facilities, she makes the ideal charter yacht for socialising and entertaining with family and friends. With the capacity to have twelve guests during the day, it’s a great chance to invite a couple of friends to enjoy a day of fun out on the sea.

willow cabin

One of Willows light and airy cabins

The décor on Willow is bright and modern, and she oozes luxury. There are plenty of places to choose from when relaxing, as well as enjoying the delicious meals that the chef will be busy preparing for you and your guests. With a crew of eight, you can rest assured that your every need will be taken care of.

saloon willow

Relax in the bright and contemporary saloon  

Willow has an impressive deck space, so there is plenty of space to lie back and enjoy the stunning scenery as you cruise by. There is even an on-deck jacuzzi and bar, ensuring that your favourite cocktail is always at hand!

With all this luxury onboard, it would be a shame not to enjoy the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. Willow boosts a fantastic beach club which offers a large array of water toys to keep everyone entertained. So you can indulge in your favourite water sport, or take the opportunity to try something new. As a registered RYA training centre, all guests can be issued with temporary PWC jet ski permits to use the jet skis during charter.

beach club willow

Some of the many water toys that Willow has to offer.

Rates for chartering Willow start at €154,000 per a week, so contact us to begin creating your perfect itinerary.

By Laura Barber