November 26, 2018

Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2018

The 57th Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show will be taking place between the 4-10 December in the stunning location of Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour, the Falmouth Harbour Marina, and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, which are both located in Falmouth Harbour.


Nelson’s Dockyards provides the perfect backdrop for the Antigua Charter Yacht Show

The Antigua Charter Show has remained as popular as ever and provides the perfect opportunity for yacht brokers from around the world to peruse some of the most luxurious yachts that are available on the charter market, as well as make those all-important contacts with the captains, which can help to ensure that any future charter bookings are seamless.


Odessa is a stunning 16oft Christensen yacht

There are five full viewing days of the yachts which commences on the 5th, so there is plenty of time to view and ask questions on the attending yachts, ensuring that we can be as informative for our clients as possible.


Arion, a 121ft Couach fly motor yacht makes an impressive sight underway

Luxury charter yachts are constantly being refitted, restyled and kitted out with new gear. A charter shows such as this enables us to keep up-to-date with these changes so we can be as informative as possible when suggesting suitable yachts for clients. Che’s, extensive refit in 2017 has resulted in a stunning and stylish interior that will be most pleasing for the most discerning of charter guests.


Che, is an 114ft Sunreef 114 catamaran, beautifully refitted in 2017

Odessa, Arion and Che are just three of the many attending yachts at this years Annual Antigua Charter Show, and more information on each of these yachts can be found on our website.

By Laura Barber


April 24, 2018

Antigua Sailing Week 28th April- 4th May 2018

Antigua Sailing Week is an eagerly anticipated event by yachting enthusiasts all over the Caribbean. It celebrated its 50th anniversary only last year, and its popularity remains consistent, with over 100 yachts competing each year. Antigua Sailing Week became established when captains and crews from charter boats challenged one another to a race from Antigua down to Guadeloupe in the 60s. With extra races and events added over a series of days, Antigua Sailing Week was founded, and helped to extend the tourist season for the island. Based in the scenic Falmouth, and English Harbour, it is a lively and popular regatta for avid sailors, and shore-based enthusiasts alike. There are many yachts that are available for charter, so don’t miss out, charter a yacht and make some fabulous memories.

rorc race begins

The week begins with the Peters & May Round Antigua Race, on Saturday 28th April. Re-introduced in 2012, this race is open to all yachts whether they are participating in the Sailing Week, or not. It is a popular conclusion to the Caribbean racing season for those having just taken part in the Classics Regatta, and with results not impacting on the weeks scoring, it is a great warm up for those that are competing in the Antigua Sailing Week.

The race record at present is held by Phaedo 3, a MOD 70 trimaran, who in 2015 completed the race in an astonishing time of 3 hours 26 minutes and 9 seconds.


Phaedo 3, current record holder

The Farr-designed 115-foot Sojana, holds the current monohull record. In 2009, she completed the race in an impressive 4 hours, 37 minutes and 43 seconds. We eagerly anticipate her attempt this year to see whether she will be able to break her own long-standing record, missing by only one second last year!


Monohull record holder, Sojana

Prize giving for the Peters & May Round Antigua Race will take place that evening, alongside the official Antigua Sailing Week Opening Party.

For those who would like to take part in the Peters & May Round Antigua Race there are privately crewed yachts to charter for such events. You can experience the fun and exhilaration of taking part in a fantastic race, with the support and expertise of an experienced crew behind you.  Just imagine the stunning scenery as you circumnavigate around the island of Antigua, cutting through the turquoise warm waters, the sails billowing and the sun beating down, it doesn’t get much better than that. Charter a yacht today and live the dream.

By Laura Barber

April 23, 2018

Enjoying the 2018 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

It has been such a fantastic experience to be able to spectate, and enjoy this incredible regatta. Billowing sails framed by azure skies. Timeless beauties cutting their way through turquoise seas. You can’t get a more idyllic setting. There are many opportunities to charter your own classic yacht, so instead of spectating from the sideline, make your dreams come true, and get out on the water and be part of the action.



Two classics completing Race 2, The Butterfly

It was great to have the opportunity of meandering around the Antigua Yacht Club Marina to view some of the spectacular yachts. The variety of classic yachts is astonishing, and it was fantastic to be able to appreciate and see the exquisite workmanship up close. The amount of work involved in maintaining and cleaning these yachts is simply mind-boggling.


The classic yachts make a stunning sight

With sails carefully packed in their assigned bags, and ropes tidied away, it is hard to believe that these yachts were battling it out on the sea earlier in the day. I don’t think I’ve used the term, ‘ship-shape and Bristol fashion’, in a more fitting way! Ticonderoga of Greenwich, and Jonathan, are two stunning examples of the passion and attention that goes into keeping these historic yachts in such pristine condition.

cyr tied up


The morning of Sunday 22nd saw the start of Race 4, The Kenny Coombs Memorial Cannon Race. Kenny Coombs was one of the founders of the  Antigua Classic Regatta, as well as helping to develop the Spirit of Tradition class, which is now embraced all over the world.


Yachts jostling for space at the start of the race


Impressive and eye-catching sails

The competitors make a impressive sight as they race around the marker at the entrance to Falmouth Harbour

race 3

The Classic Yacht Parade is the ideal opportunity to find out more about the individual yachts, as there is a running commentary . The commentator certainly keeps things entertaining, not that you would have a chance to get bored as the yachts parade into English Harbour.



Petrana, measures 50 feet, and was built in 1968. Her patriotic owner, Paul Deeth, flies the flag for Antigua! Petrana, has remarkably remained in ownership with the same family since built, and celebrates her 50th birthday this year. She remains in first place for the Classic GRP, with one more race to go tomorrow.


Free in St Barth, is a Alwyn Enoe Carriacou Sloop and is 42 feet. She was built in 2015, in the traditional Carriacou way, and can achieve impressive speeds.



Columbia, still impressive, even with the sails down! Despite her classic look, she is only nine years old, and was completed in 2009, taking only three years to build. She is the childhood dream come true, for owner Brian D’Isenia, of the USA. She is as close a replica as possible to a Gloucester Fishing Schooner, and at 141 feet, she is certainly impressive.

With many classic yachts available to charter, whatever your experience, there is no excuse not to get out on the water and start making your own memories , and maybe even win a few races yourself!

For those of you who get swept away with the romance of being on a classic yacht, there are lots of classics that are also ideal to charter for the more relaxing holiday experience. With luxurious interiors, plenty of toys to keep you busy, as well as crew to meet your every need, you can pretend you are living out your own real-life fantasy aboard your yacht.

By Laura Barber


April 18, 2018

Classic Yachts for Charter

With the long- awaited Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta now upon us, it is easy to get swept away with the beauty and elegance of a bygone era. Approaching Falmouth Harbour, the skyline is awash with majestic masts towering above buildings, drawing vertical lines in the striking azure sky. Gleaming varnish, impressive rigging, and glorious lines, everything that makes a classic yacht so extraordinary. There is certainly something magical and romantic associated with classic yachts, and it is hard not to let the imagination run wild, with images of swashbuckling pirates, and barrels full of rum!  Private owners, as well as those that have chartered one of these magnificent vessels, will enjoy six days of scheduled races and fun during this popular regatta.


Nelson’s Dockyard

Fortunately, Falmouth Harbour has moved on from its blood-thirsty and violent past, and is now a popular  harbour that is bustling with activity during the yacht charter season. Huge superyachts, and timeless classics line the dockside, where Nelson once commanded his ships. It is a sight to behold. The picturesque English Harbour makes a fitting backdrop for the Classic Yacht Regatta Parade which takes place on Sunday 22nd at 1.30pm. Over the years English Harbour has managed to maintain its charm and beauty, and as the only working Georgian dockyard in the world, it was recently awarded the UNESCO title, to preserve and protect the remarkable site.

There are several classic yachts that are available for private charter, and you certainly don’t have to commit to a race, or regatta if you do! These timeless classics have been restored to their former glory, with all the comfort and luxury that you’d expect when chartering a yacht.


Eros, available for charter

The Blue Peter, is a stunning example of one of the classic yachts that is available for private charter. Launched in 1930, she is renowned worldwide on the classic yacht circuit, and has a worthy reputation not only for her race successes, but also for her exquisite styling, and flawless appearance. She was designed by Alfred Mylne and built by W. King & Sons of Burnham-on-Crouch.

blue peter

The current owner, Mathew Barker, took ownership in 1999, while he was traveling. He spotted her in Elba, and realised her potential. Having been neglected, and altered from her original form, Mat spent 3 years restoring her to her former glory, and when the coffers ran dry, made the decision to try his hand at chartering, having decided not to return to his previous career in banking.

Mat has enjoyed a successful career in chartering The Blue Peter in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and now the States. She is a popular choice for both racing regattas, and for those that just want to escape for some relaxation on a timeless classic. I caught up with Mat on his return to Antigua for the 2018 Classics Regatta. Having had the misfortune of losing his mast during the 2013 regatta, I wondered if this race also held more fonder memories of late.

mat 2

Captain Mat Barker

With The Blue Peter tied up outside the Galley Bar at Nelson Dockyard, a convenient location(!),  Mat was waiting for the imminent arrival of his charter guests. Mat has been taking part in the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta for many years now, and has found it to be a well run and organised event. In fact, it was the late Kenny Coombs, one of the founders of the Classic Regatta, that encouraged Mat to venture over from the Med to give the Caribbean a go. Mat explained how privileged he was to have raced alongside Kenny on The Blue Peter, finding him to be a truly inspirational character.

When asked why he thought that The Blue Peter had been such a successful charter boat, the answer was simple. She is the perfect size for racing and regattas, she can accommodate 10 guests and 2 crew, and can achieve an impressive 11 knots. When people enter races they want to win, and The Blue Peter has an impressive success record. As well as races and regattas, she is a popular choice to charter for corporate events and groups of friends. Mat explained that the boat can be set up ready to go for when the guests arrive, or for those that like to fiddle and tinker, they can be more involved in the setting up. The range of sailing experience that guests possess can range from complete novices, to American Cup Sailors. Mat is happy to help teach the basics to enthusiastic novices, as well as step back for the more competent sailors.

blue peter

Immaculately presented, The Blue Peter

With the  arrival of his charter guests, a group of experienced sailors, I wished them the best of luck in the upcoming regatta. With the plan to spend Wednesday and Thursday practicing, their official racing will start on Friday, as they have chosen to forego the Single-Handed Race on Thursday. With four days of intense racing, we hope for the perfect weather racing conditions for them.

To find out more about chartering The Blue Peter, visit the website

By Laura Barber

April 11, 2018

One week to go until the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2018

This year’s Antigua Classic Sailing Regatta schedule is jam-packed over six days, with the opening ceremony kicking off on Wednesday 18th April. If you haven’t chartered yourself one of these amazing yachts yet, don’t leave it too late, or you’ll miss out on taking part in an amazing regatta. The first out on the water is the single-handed race, which starts on Thursday at 2pm. Race 1, the ‘Old Road’, is on Friday, with race 2, ‘The Butterfly’ on Saturday. ‘The Kenny Coombs Memorial Cannon’, begins on Sunday, with the regatta concluding on Monday with the ‘Windward Race’. All four races are due to start at 10am, with prize giving at Nelson’s Dockyard on Monday at 8pm. Don’t miss the spectacular Classic Yacht parade at 1.30pm on Sunday at Nelsons Dockyard. Tuesday afternoon will see the traditional cream tea party being held at the Admiral’s Inn at 2pm.

classic regatta '18 map

There are certain criteria that a yacht must meet to be able to enter the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. Apart from stating the obvious, that they must have a traditional rig and style, they should also have a full keel, be of moderate to heavy displacement, and built of wood or steel. Concessions have been made regarding the restoration of older yachts that have used modern materials, and new boats built from old designs.  To ensure that all entrants are abiding by the Spirit of Tradition, yachts that are entering for the first time will be required to provide drawings and photographs for approval by the committee, who will make the final decision.



Alternatively, there are classic yachts that meet all the criteria that are ready to charter. Eros, is a 115 feet classic schooner, and is a perfect example of a yacht that is available to charter for such a regatta. Launched in 1939, she was recommissioned as a luxury sailing yacht in 2010 after a colossal renovation and benefitted from a complete interior redecoration in 2016. She has managed to maintain her timeless splendour, without forgoing the comfort and pleasure necessary for the most discerning of guests. If you were to charter Eros, you could combine the excitement of participating in such a prestigious regatta, with the luxury and comfort expected on a superyacht. Eros is more than capable of keeping pace, and can reach speeds of up to 12 knots, making her a popular choice to charter for regattas and races.

Eros outside dining

Eros has a comfortable outdoor dining area, perfect for watching the stunning scenery as you cruise past 

By Laura Barber


March 30, 2018

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 18-24th April 2018

It is incredible to think that this fantastic regatta has now been running for over 30 years, and is based where it was originally founded, in the picturesque English Harbour. Of course, back in the 60s the sailing yachts were all classics. Don’t miss out on being part of this unique regatta, charter your own classic yacht today!

classic '18 english harbour

View from Shirely Heights across to English Harbour

To signal the end of the chartering season in Antigua, captain and crews would challenge one another to race down to Guadeloupe. This unofficial race led to the birth of Antigua Sailing Week in 1967, which celebrated its 50th anniversary only last year. Inevitably, over the years the classics were steadily being outnumbered, as well as outmanoeuvred,  by the more modern and speedier yachts. So, in 1987, over a few glasses of rum, Captain Uli Pruesse, and Kenny Coombs, along with several other classic skippers, formed what we now know as the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. In 1996, the late Kenny Coombs was also responsible for helping to develop the Spirit of Tradition class, which has now been embraced all over the world. It’s purpose was to celebrate and embrace the beauty and splendour of a past era. Classic lines, glimmering varnish, and exquisite workmanship, all the things that makes a classic yacht what it is today.

kenny coombs

The late Kenny Coombs

With the regatta fast approaching ensure that you don’t miss out. For those wishing to get out on the water there are many classic yachts that are available to charter for such an event. With the warm Caribbean sun, amazing turquoise waters, and incredible scenery, there isn’t much need for convincing. This is certainly one regatta you’ll want to make sure that cross off your bucket list.

By Laura Barber


February 22, 2018

Day Three of the RORC Caribbean 600

Challenging weather conditions continue into the third day of the RORC Caribbean 600, with eight teams having successfully completed the arduous race. 34 yachts have now officially retired, demonstrating what tough racing conditions participants were faced with. There are still 40 teams still battling it out in the strong winds, and rough seas, and we hope to see as many as possible complete the course before prize-giving tomorrow evening.

It has been confirmed that Peter Aschenbrenner’s team racing Paradox, is the overall winner in the multihull category. With time correction calculated by MOCRA, they cannot be beaten. There will certainly be champagne corks popping today as they celebrate this incredible news. Congratulations to the whole team on this fantastic accomplishment.

paradox day3


There are 35 yachts in the IRC class still racing, but George David’s Rambler 88 is still in prime position to take the coveted RORC Caribbean 600 Trophy.

rambler day 3

Rambler 88

The closest yacht to beating Rambler 88, is Ron O’Hanley’s Cookson 50 Privateer, which completed the race in just under 52 hours. They fell short of the best corrected time by just over an hour. Boat Captain Tim Dawson, explained how they lost their headstay on the first night, and had to take a full batten out of the main sail which really hindered their upwind sail. Having participated in many races before, he said this was one of the toughest he had competed in.

cookson privateer day 3

Cookson 50 Privateer

There has also been a request by Jens Kellinghusen’s Varuna,  who is currently fourth overall, for redress, as they altered their course to assist stricken yacht Fuijin.

varuna day 3


Prize-giving is scheduled for tomorrow evening at the Antigua Yacht Club, Falmouth, where there will be many people celebrating their success and achievement.

By Laura Barber

February 21, 2018

Farfalla, Superyacht Sailing Charter

One of the yachts competing in this years RORC Caribbean 600 is the stunning superyacht Farfalla, which is available for private charter. Built in 2014, she is 31 metres in length, with a generous beam of 6.9 metres.


Crew preparing for the start of the race


Close-up of the helm station

But don’t worry, you don’t need to complete a 600 mile race to charter her! Farfalla, is a luxurious sailing sloop, with timeless styling that contributes towards her elegant appearance.


She can accommodate eight guests in her four comfortable and luxurious cabins. With an experienced crew of five. You can ensure that your charter will be memorable for the right reasons.


Guest cabin


Saloon, note the panoramic windows.

Farfalla has all the modern conveniences that you would expect on a modern superyacht, with air-conditioning throughout, as well as WiFi. She has fantastic panoramic windows that afford you a 270-degree view of the stunning scenery as you cruise past. Farfalla has a cruising speed of 9 knots, and a top speed of 12.

To cool off, or to access many of the water toys that are available, there is a gorgeous swim platform at the stern, which gives you easy access to the sea. Farfalla, has a Williams 385 Turbojet 100HP  tender, and is kitted out with numerous toys to keep the more adventurous guests happy. Have a go at wakeboarding, water skiing, or enjoy the trill of being towed around on the ringo. Alternatively. enjoy the warm turquoise seas at your own pace and explore the coastline with the kayaks, or SUP boards. There is snorkelling gear onboard, so instead you could disappear and be amazed by the colourful underwater world, and swim among the tropical fish teeming the reefs. So, if racing around eleven of the Caribbean islands isn’t you’re cup of tea, then create an itinerary that is more to your liking, and enjoy an unforgettable holiday on this magnificent yacht.

Reef pic

Farfalla, skippered by Ross Warburton, is just approaching the Antigua finishing line, with 8.3 NM to go. When completed they will be 5th in Line Honours Monohull, and Ist in the Superyacht class. Congratulations to Ross and the crew of Farfalla for achieving such an amazing accomplishment.

By Laura Barber

February 21, 2018

Charter a Yacht for the RORC Caribbean 600

It is easy to be inspired by the amazing footage coming back from the RORC Caribbean 600 race. It is truly incredible when you see the skill and expertise that is required to participate in such an event, and witness the power wielded by mother nature, and ability of those competing in harnessing that power to their advantage.

charter rorc

Racing for France, Earendil

There are opportunities available to experience this incredible race first-hand, to push yourself to the limit, and see if you’ve got what it takes to complete one of the most challenging off-shore races in the world. If you were to charter a yacht for this race, you would circum-navigate around eleven of the Caribbean islands, as far north as Anguilla and as southerly as Les Saints, in Guadeloupe. Whether you choose to take on this challenge on your own, with colleagues, friends, or family, the team work involved in completing such a demanding race will never be forgotten.

charter rorc

One example of a yacht that you can charter for this race is the Volvo Open 70, called Monster Project. This 70 foot yacht has a beam of 5.7, and a top speed of 30+ knots. Monster Project was the first charter yacht to complete the RORC Caribbean 600 back in 2014, coming a very respectable 4th place. To ensure that everyone is fully prepared there is mandatory pre-race training. With the yacht fully skippered, and with a professional core crew, there is no reason for you not to fulfill this once in a lifetime opportunity.

monster project 1

Monster Project

monster project 2

By Laura Barber


February 20, 2018

Day Two of the RORC Caribbean 600

It has been a thrilling twenty -four hours of racing, with strong trade winds, high seas, and squalls causing huge shifts in the wind speed and direction. It has certainly been testing the skills and expertise of the participating sailors.

At present, Paradox, from the Cayman Islands, is storming ahead, working its way through one of the trickiest parts of the race, straight into wind, passing south of Guadeloupe. Paradox, is a one off 63′ Trimaran, and has skipper Peter Aschenbrenner at the helm.

rorc Paradox


Hot on their heels is Rambler 88, a Canting keel sloop, and is now leading the race for the monohulls. At the helm is George David, who set the record in 2011 aboard Rambler 100, and with such strong weather conditions it’ll be interesting to see if he can break his own record.


Rambler 88, preparing for the start of the race

At it stands 15 yachts have so far retired from the race, many for technical problems, which in accordance to race rules require them to return to port.


CQS, retired from the race due to technical problems


Taz, retired from the race due to a crew injury

danneskjold rorc

Danneskjold, retired from the race due to minor damage

Whenever out at sea, you must never under-estimate the power of the elements, and with such strong and challenging weather conditions present throughout this race, safety is of the uttermost importance. Last night at 20.20 AST, the crew from Fujin were rescued off Saba where their American Bieker 53 Multihull had capsized. All eight-crew managed to scramble their way on top of the hull, where they awaited rescue. Stephen Cucchiaro’s Gunboat 60, Flow, was reported to have stood by until the rescue was underway, and the German Ker 56, Varuna, was reported to have altered course to assist but has now continued racing. Although rivalry can be rife during such prestigious races, it is heart-warming to see such examples of humanity.


Fujin, all eight crew are safe

With wind strength persevering, and the wave height due to increase,  we wish all the crews an exhilarating but safe continuation of the race.

By Laura Barber