Chartering a Yacht in St Martin continued....

Relaxing on the fore deck whilst at anchor at Anse Marcel , we were lucky enough to be entertained by the talented Mathis, a world Flyboard competitor.  Having thoroughly analysed the talent involved in being able to perform such skill, it was time to put our money where our mouths were and have a turn. Well, when I say we, I obviously mean my son and husband! With a quick 5 minutes tutorial they both did amazing well, hovering above the water, before repeatedly dolphin diving below the waves.

Alex Flyboard

Exhausted, but exhilarated after 20 minutes, we all had renewed respect for the talent that the man possessed. With the wind picking up after a relaxing lunch BBQ aboard our yacht, the windsurfer was launched and an afternoon of crossing the bay commenced.

jet skiing

The following morning, we indulged with the locals on a spot of jet skiing. After a thrilling morning of riding the waves and exploring the coastline, we practiced our skills at water skiing and mono skiing. The morning wouldn’t have been completed without a white knuckled ride on the Screamer. I was really looking forward to exploring the island of Tintamarre, so we headed there so we could enjoy lunch at anchor.  With a reputation of golden sands, turquoise sea and excellent snorkelling it was my idea of heaven. We were not disappointed as we anchored in our own little bit of paradise. Swimming ashore from the boat we were greeted by an idyllic beach scene and wandered inland to be greeted by a variety of cactus species and views of the other side of the island.  The sea was clear and plentiful of reef fish, turtles, and rays.


Tintamarre Beach

puffer fish

Puffer Fish

The next morning, we continued round and stopped at the capital of Sint Maartin, Philisburg, in Great Bay. This is a popular destination for cruise ships and we were fortunate that there were none in that day. Anchoring in the bay, we went ashore to explore, and found ourselves overwhelmed by a huge array of jewellery shops. St Maarten is well renowned for being able to purchase jewellery at fantastic prices, with goods being sold at duty free prices and the price of goods are highly negotiable. After an enjoyable beer at a beach front bar, we returned to our boat and continued round to Simpson Bay. Fortunately, the swing bridge was due to lift shortly, so we didn’t have long to wait. Simpson Bay Lagoon is about 12 square miles of completely protected, landlocked water, and accessed through a swing bridge. We chose to anchor, although there are many marinas to choose from, and spent the afternoon exploring via the dingy. There are numerous waterside restaurants, and of course the compulsory happy hour(s) to engage in. We found the Dutch side more built up than the French, with the area un-in dated by casinos, nightclubs and bars.

We decided to spend our last day at anchor in Marigot Bay, so we timed our departure with the lift opening times. Admiring the stunning coastline as we navigated our way round the island it wasn’t long before we’d dropped the anchor and enjoying our last few hours of tropical bliss aboard our boat.


The Screamer!

We found it very relaxing being able to travel around with all our belongings to hand. To lie on the fore deck and be lured by a stunning beach and simply being able to stop there if we so wished.  Our last day passed in a haze of sunbathing, snorkeling and water sports. With our bags packed, we made our way back to the port, relaxed, tanned and with memories of a wonderful holiday.

By Laura Barber

Posted on August 7, 2018