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Monaco Grand Prix Yacht

A number of Monaco Grand Prix yacht charters are anchored to watch the raceIt’s probably the most exclusive harbour in the world – a place where the rich, the beautiful and the famous mingle, dine and party in luxury. For four days in May, Monaco’s small marina becomes one of the most prime patches of real estate in the world. And for good reason.

It’s not a lifestyle that’s solely for the rich and famous, however, individual places aboard shared yachts are available at very attractive rates!

Moored in the heart of the port with track side views there is no better way to experience the excitement of the Monaco Grand Prix than with a yacht…

For track side charters we have luxury yachts which can accommodate up to 200 guests, for the most exclusive Grand Prix event.

Yacht Charter – Cannes Film Festival

As well as being a most special place for film industry professionals to meet, the Festival is especially attentive to the talent of artists who contribute to the growth of the medium. Throughout the years, the Festival has become famed for the balance it has established between artistic quality of films and commercial impact.

What better way to impress your contemporaries or clients than by chartering a luxury yacht, located just yards from the Palais de Festival. Not only can you offer a private reception, throw outrageous boat parties, a yacht charter in Cannes also offers you luxury accommodation in the heart of the Film Festival.

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