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AquaCruise Private Yacht Charters - Private Yacht Rental SpecialistAquaCruise private yacht and private yacht rental company. We have a range of modern yachts, all of the highest standards and luxuriously appointed, available for private charter across the Mediterranean.

Imagine the setting – you’re at anchor in the bay of St. Tropez aboard your own private yacht. The summer sun is beating down, the fragrant breeze is gentle and the turquoise sea refreshing…you’ve just finished sipping your perfectly blended cocktail, the crew are busy preparing another; and, stretched out on the fore-deck, you slowly start to nod off to the chirping cicadas… And if you don’t fancy lazing away the day then there is the jet tender for water skiing, jet skis for blasting, and jetlev for hovering! A private yacht has it all!

Contact us now to turn this dream into complete reality, and book your private yacht rental today!

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