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Yacht Charter in Greece

Hundreds of enchanting Cyclades Islands make it possible to discover a new port of call every day... let your yacht charter begin!

DAY 1 Board your yacht in Athens and move out for passage to the bay of Soúnion then on to Kéa. On the island of Kéa, the picturesque hamlet of Vourkari has excellent restaurants.

DAY 2 From Kéa, sail to Tinos & Mykonos. Tinos is a mountainous, rugged island. Mykonos is bright and breezy with fine sandy beaches by day, alive with nightclubs & bars by night.

DAY 3 The beautiful islands of Delos and Paros are approximately 28nm from Mykonos. Birth place of Apollo and Artemis, Delos is the largest archeological site in the world. A peaceful island, this is the place to get away and unwind.

DAY 4 Ios is claimed to be the burial place of homer. Today the island’s beaches are quite popular among nude sun-lovers! The chora is a maze of streets full of bars and boutiques.

DAY 5 Santorini is a giant volcano, with a crater that is four miles wide. The white-domed houses of the capital (pictured above) extend along the cliff top and present a remarkable sight.

DAY 6 Sifnos is a hilly island, with popular beaches and the delightful medieval village of Kastro on the east side of the island. The bay of Vathi always provides safe anchorage for a night out on the calm waters.

DAY 7 From Sifnos, sail across to Serifos. The view from the chora onto the bay and over the sea and islands is definitely well worth the trip.

DAY 8 In Kíthnos, numerous anchorages provide crystal-clear water and white-sand beaches. Enjoy the beautiful bay of Kolona. End your yacht charter here; or book for two weeks and see all of the other islands that you have missed!

Woman in Santorini, exploring ashore during yacht charter
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